This summer we’ll be spending VBX discovering

more about what the Bible has to say about conviction — standing for what’s right, even when others don't.

Lots of people have conviction, but often when they act with conviction they come across as arrogant or smug.

But that’s not what conviction is about at all.

It’s not about what a person thinks is right because it’s too easy to become convicted about the wrong thing. Conviction has to be rooted in something deeper and more dependable than a personal opinion.

It needs to be rooted in Scripture and what God says is right. And often it’s not even just standing for something that’s right; it’s also about standing for something that’s right in the right way. And that takes some practice, especially because standing for what’s right and showing conviction, may not win any popularity contests.

Jesus was able to live with conviction because He knew the will of His Father, and that gave Him strength and courage.  In the same way, God has given us the ability to know what is right and the ability to do it. You see, when we are fueled by God’s character, we will stand up for the things that matter to God. ​

Welcome to Christ Community's Vacation Bible Experience! 

Online Registration is closed, but we will still have walk in registration available Friday night and Saturday night of VBX. Hope to see you there!!!


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