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When we hear the word “creativity” we respond in a handful of ways. Many of us get excited. Others of us break out into cold sweat thinking we’re just not creative... never have been; never will be.

But there's something about creativity

that we all need to remember.

We're not creative because of our talents.

We're creative because that's how God made us.

He designed each of us with a mind to think

beyond ourselves and imagine the possibility
for—well, anything. It’s God's image in us
that gives us the capacity to see beyond the ordinary. 

Our imagination—our creativity—

is a reflection of His image.

That’s why at VBX, we’re talking at CREATIVITY:

using your imagination to do something unique.

When your imagination leads you to do something good,

to make a unique mark,

to find a unique answer or solution,

you are being creative.